A Captivating Ultraviolet VenusMar 26, 2019

We published a pseudo-color animation of Venus at ultraviolet wavelength acquired by Ultraviolet Imager (UVI) onboard Akatsuki during three weeks. Please see an article of ISAS's website, "A Captivating Ultraviolet Venus."

These images used in the animation were aimed at acquiring data suitable for data assimilation which fuse observation and numerical simulation. When the spacecraft can be seen from the ground station (spacecraft visible time), images stored onboard the spacecraft are downlinked under usual circumstances. During this three weeks period, even when the spacecraft visible time, the downlink was interrupted to observe Venus regularly, and we could acquire almost two-hours interval images.

These image used in the animation were made in reference to the following web pages. We are really grateful to Ms. Damia Bouic for creating fascinating pseudo-color images for the first time!