GALLERYTerms of use

Newspapers, television, and other media wishing to make use of this data to report on JAXA's activities can do so without obtaining prior consent.

Use for press/media purposes

You must observe the following terms when using this content.

Credits: you must explicitly list the source, using either "(C) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)" or "(C) JAXA." However, where the source of the photo is explicitly listed as another organization jointly credited by JAXA and another organization, you must list both. (E.g., (C) JAXA/NAOJ).

Comment: where there are specific precautions written for each image or video, you must use the content in a way that conforms with that wording.

Use for commercial or for-profit purposes

Use for commercial or for-profit purposes is authorized provided prior consent is obtained from the copyright holder. For details, please refer to the Materials Provision Service section of the JAXA Digital Archives web site.