Venus image with the Earth and also the Moon!Dec 8, 2017

On Dec. 1st, 2017, we released new data acquired by AKATSUKI. Images for quick look are available from the following links in the DARTS.

In these images, there is a very interesting image, i.e., image of Venus with the Earth taken by IR2(2-micron infrared camera). IR2 is the camera that can capture near-infrared ray. In this image, the nightside is on the right, and Venusian cloud obstructs the infrared ray emitted from the lower-atmosphere and indicates their existence by its obstruction. The dayside is on the left and bright by the ray scattered by the sunlight. Can you find the Earth in the image?


The position of the Earth is shown in the following image. There is also the Moon!


This image was acquired Oct. 21, 2016 with 1.735 µm filter by IR2. Note that north direction is upward of the image.

An image created by the field-of-view simulator, FLOW, is as follows. Note that this simulated image have slight offset to the observed data, and sizes of the Earth and the Moon are exaggerated.venus-with-earth-expected.png

The image of Venus nightside with the Earth and the Moon is available as L2b data(JPEG, FITS). Note that south direction is upward of the image.