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Venus nightside synthesized false color image by IR2

IR2 Venus nightside synthesized false color image by IR2

A synthesized false color image of Venus using 1.735-µm and 2.26-µm images taken by IR2 camera. Images are colorized as follows: 1.735 µm → red; 2.26 µm → blue; average of both → green. At 1.735 µm, dayside brightness is strong and considerable amounts of light are running into the nightside. This is why the border between dayside and nightside looks orangeish in color. The slight color variations on the nightside are believed to indicate the difference in size of cloud particles. © PLANET-C Project Team

Data Descriptions

Date/Time 2016-03-25 07:32:11, 07:33:33 (UTC)
Inst./Filter IR2, 1.735 µm, 2.26 µm
Exposure time 6.97 sec, 6.97 sec

103,334 km, 103,494 km

Archives (DARTS)

1.735 µm L1b (JPEG, FITS), L2b (JPEG, FITS); 2.26 µm L1b (JPEG, FITS), L2b (JPEG, FITS)

Position of spacecraft

Orbit of AKATSUKI viewed
from above the Sun's north pole