Reaches 100th orbit after VOI-R1Nov 30, 2018

The number of orbits of the Akatsuki spacecraft reached 100 on 2018-11-26T21:20 (UTC) after VOI-R1 on 2015-12-07. Akatsuki has been in Venusian orbit for 4.8 Venusian years.

Number of orbits is counted as follows: starting from 1 with the closest approach in VOI-R1 on 2015-12-07, and every closest approach to Venus, it is increased by 1. This is called orbit number.

The figure is orbits of Akatsuki spacecraft from 2015-12-04 to 2018-11-27 in "Venus Mean Equator of Date J2000 frame (VME2000)" frame. (Units of axes are km)